Filbert The Lonely Flamingo

By the Brother/Sister Authors
Steve Wolfson & Ellen Wolfson Valladeres

Illustrated by Charity Russell

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What people are saying about Filbert!

What child hasn’t worried about being just a bit different from his friends? Filbert the Lonely Flamingo was different, but couldn’t appreciate his differences. Even tougher for Filbert, his friends weren’t sure it was alright for Filbert to be different from the rest of them. Until Filbert makes a long and dangerous journey on his own and learns to be happy with himself just the way he is. Sparkling illustrations will engage your child and the authors of Filbert the Lonely Flamingo, have written a story that will serve as an introduction to many important family conversations about self-worth, courage, and friendship.  

Lisa H. Johnson, M.L.S., M.A.

Warm and humorous, “Filbert the Lonely Flamingo” will delight the hearts of young and old alike as they sympathize with this brave and determined flamingo who doesn’t let the difficulties of being different get in the way of finding
true friendship. Positive messages of acceptance and lasting friendship abound in this beautifully written and illustrated picture book.

Jane Grigg Regina Public Library Children’s Programmer, retired

I think this book is delightful; beautifully written and illustrated. It’s a tale about a quest; appealing to children of all ages, including my inner child. Cheers to Filbert!

Moira Bloom